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Neil Cadman, CEO

Neil Cadman, CEO

How it all began…

Urban Advisors Founder, Neil Cadman, has a passion for commercial real estate, as a property owner and high-volume commercial property manager for over thirty years.  After graduating from UCLA, Neil began working for a brokerage in Beverly Hills, quickly rising the ranks from support staff to broker.  Recognizing the opportunities commercial real estate provided, Neil began investing feverishly, growing his business one property at a time. 

He hired managers to oversee his investments and quickly recognized that most property managers were not also property owners and lacked the care that was required to provide him and his tenants with the level of service he was expecting.  He knew that it was in extraordinary customer support that his buildings would thrive and saw a window of opportunity in taking on the management himself.  In 1995, Neil founded the Cadman Group, a commercial property management firm committed to providing an exceptional service experience for both the property owner and the tenant alike, to help recognize and balance the needs of both, with Neil being the owner of half of the properties that the Cadman Group has managed. 

As a manager-owner, Neil’s experience has provided him with a unique understanding of both sides of the equation, allowing him to provide insights and forecasting on a deeper level.  As a result of this, Neil found himself getting more and more phone calls from friends and colleagues over the years, looking for advice on their own commercial property transactions, some were realtor friends, some were investors, others lenders.  They weren’t looking for Neil to manage the property or broker the deal, but they came to him with an understanding that deep experience and a deep network makes for informed decisions.  They turned to him for an unbiased opinion to further explore the information provided by their broker, their attorney, their property manager or their mortgage lender, knowing that his unbiased opinion was more valuable because it wasn’t being skewed to support any agenda other than their own property goals. And thus, an idea began to take shape. 

What if you could provide a hassle-free commercial real estate consulting experience without any hidden agenda?

Out of this, Urban Advisors was born, providing personalized commercial real estate consulting services to help customers to strategically define and streamline their commercial property operations, whether they are looking to buy something new, to optimize or analyze an existing investment or considering whether it’s the right time to sell.